IMG_0132_edited-1GOODHi There! This is a first video of my Book/App presentation shot by Argentinian fan Mateo Rodo on the Prog Cruise… 3000 Prog Pirates sailing the Caribbean seas. (Shame that this Big Head decided to seat in front of Mateo as the presentation got under way)
This video is for everybody who wrote to me asking me when the App will be available.
This presentation, in front of a dull house and also a dozen of Kickstarter pledgers, was like a “Hollywood screening” so we are working to finalize the project. Hopefully will be ready on the Apple store in mid May. Enjoy!
A big thank you goes to the huge crowd that came to the presentation, but most of all Steve Hackett and his wife JoJo and Franz Di Cioccio of PFM and his wife YaYa! Truly beautiful ladies.!!!